Field Day Games

The lab participated in the annual Field Day games for summer researchers. Prof. Kovarik, Livia, and Berjana were on team ChemFatale with Lauren Davidson and Niru Pokharel from the Curran Lab. Ellie competed on a team with her roommates. Select pictures are below, and many more are on the Chemistry Department’s Facebook page, courtesy of Prof. Curran.


The first game on learning and memory involved running around in a hula hoop…


We think Ellie’s team probably beat us at this hula hoop game…


Berjana on the pipette tip racking relay.


In honor of environmental science, we did a “water conservation” game passing sponges of water over our heads to a bucket…

Team ChemFatale After

Team ChemFatale post-games. (We came in last, but with lots of style.)